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Charities and Donations

Every year we get numerous requests for donations. In fact, Moonwalk & Party Rentals gets so many requests for donations, there is simply no way we can accept all of them. Every donation request we receive is a worthy cause; however, it is impossible to fill all of the needs of organizations and individuals.
Moonwalk & Party Rentals has allotted a certain number of donated rentals and services for each fiscal year, and we are looking for deserving charities to award these donations. Moonwalk & Party Rentals is one of the leading party rental companies in the North Alabama area. We couldn’t have become the success we are today without you and we believe in the power of paying it forward.

Have All of Your Questions Answered Before You Rent

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If you represent a charity benefit from our services, please print and submit a Donation Request Form.
We hope this information is helpful and  answers all your questions, but if you have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 256-232-5111 or

What Does My Quote Include?

Quote includes delivery of Tents or Inflatables to your event location in our delivery area, equipment setup and equipment pickup at the end of your event. Any delivery outside of our normal delivery area is possibly subject to a delivery fee.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Reserve an Inflatable?

Dimensions of your space to be sure the equipment you are renting will fit in your space. This includes length, width, and height.
Electricity requirements-most of our equipment requires electricity of 15 amps for each inflatable. We bring the power cord to connect to your outlet for each inflatable. Power cords cannot be longer than 50 feet, if electricity is not available within 50 feet the electricity can be generated. We also rent generators if electricity is not available less than 50 feet. Keep in mind the blowers to inflate each unit come from the back so, try to position your inflatables to keep the power cords to the back of each inflatable. This reduces the tripping hazards.
Surface setup needs to be fairly level, preferably on grass. All inflatables must be anchored to the ground at anchor points. Sometimes this can be accomplished with the unit set up on pavement, but anchored in the grass. We do NOT set up in sand or dirt.

How Do I Make and Confirm My Rental Items?

Choose your items on our quote page or call our office to check availability for your date. If the items are available reservations can be taken over the phone or by email. Moonwalk & Party Rentals requires a 30% to 50% non-refundable retainer fee due at least 3 days from the order date. This retainer fee is deducted from your total and the balance is due on or before delivery. If the retainer fee is not received within the 3 days from the order, items are put back into inventory and can be rented by others for your date. Retainer fees can be mailed, and we also accept Visa and Mastercard, unless you have been given a cash discount.

What If I Need to Cancel My Event?

Retainer fees are nonrefundable if you cancel your event less than 30 days prior to event day. Moonwalk & Party Rentals will extend a credit for events canceled 30 days prior to event for a future rental during that calendar year. When we receive a retainer fee, it tells us “we want that equipment for that date” so we take it out of our rental inventory for that date and it cannot be re-rented to anyone else.

What Happens If It Rains the Day of My Event?

Most of our equipment can be set up inside a gym or recreation center. Moonwalk & Party Rentals will allow you to apply your retainer fee to a future rental or reschedule your current event, if you notify us within 24 hours of the scheduled event. (We reserve the right to cancel any inflatable due to weather IE: rain, wind, cold, etc. and the retainer fee will be refunded)
Catastrophic Acts of Nature or God In the event a catastrophic act of nature or God occurs retainer fees are non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Does Moonwalk & Part Rentals Have Insurance?

Moonwalk & Party Rentals are fully insured. Proof of insurance can be faxed to your event location upon request. An event must be reserved with all retainer fees paid before proof of insurance can be requested.

Why Will Moonwalk & Party Rentals NOT Set-Up With Uninsured Competitors?

If you rent mechanical rides or higher-priced inflatables from Moonwalk & Party Rentals, please be advised that we will NOT set up our equipment if there are inflatables from another company present at the event.

If you rent inflatables from Moonwalk & Party Rentals and a competitor, please be advised the competitor’s equipment must be properly secured. If we arrive and see a problem, we will not set up our equipment until the competitor’s equipment is either removed or properly secured. Certificates of insurance cannot be issued for an event containing competitor’s equipment.


We have complete insurance on every piece of our Inventory not just some of our equipment. One of the tricks of the rental industry to get a lower premium is to tell the insurance company they have only one moonwalk or one slide, etc. This lowers their insurance expense, but whenever an accident occurs the insurance company will find out that the rental company has more than one inflatable and their insurance will be null and void.
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